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Affiliate program Most of us know that health care in US is in crisis. Health care cost in America is reaching all time high of about $2 trillion per year, which is 16% of the GDP, four times the expenditure for national defense. US is ranked 15th in health cares performance by World Health Organization, globally, life expectancy ranks 22nd in world and infant mortality ranks 39th. US leads the most when it comes to health-care insurance spending, when compared to any other nation, yet 46 million Americans are without insurance and this number increases every year. In addition, unpaid and unpayable healthcare bills account for the majority of all personal bankruptcies in the country.

Meditravels offers global health care options that will enable North American and European patients to access world health care at a fraction of the cost of domestic care.

With average healthcare costs rising each year, employers, employees, and individuals are forced to pay a high premium. Through our affiliates program, one can feel gratified helping someone in a treatment process, which will save him or her a lot on expenses, at the same time, stands a good chance to make a lot of money. You get paid per
signup from your leads. In other words, a record number of individuals and businesses are looking for a way out to save healthcare costs. For a large number of this segment our Medical Tourism program offered by MediTravels is exactly what is needed.

Get $100 for medical tourisum leads, if they go for a treatment.
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We encourage businesses interested in partnering with us for joint venture, lead generation, etc. Questions regarding this, please contact us with your site, traffic, phone number, and a brief description of how we can work together, we are dedicated to establish a mutual relationship.

We also encourage individuals and businesses to refer small businesses and consumers on behalf of MediTravels.org and earn revenue. For additional information, please
contact us. We will review your information and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Being one of the leading Meical Tourism company there are large number of consumers who visit our website. It takes a fraction of time (< 1 minute) to fill our no obligation quote. Also, our fees are among the lowest in the industry and our reputation is excellent, this means that one can potentially earn thousands of dollars a month for referring even a moderate amount of traffic to our site.

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Healthcare costs in US and other western countries are rising day by day. Lot of residents in these countries is frustrated and wants an alternative way to minimize their healthcare costs. While, the companies and individuals are paying a higher premium, there are 46 million people who are uninsured in US alone. By signing as an affiliate for Meditravels, you will receive a customized package, which can make large commissions for you. Our targeted website converts any businesses looking for Medical Tourism options who are probably already on your website. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to profit from the nation's healthcare woes, and still helping to save cost.

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