How to Create a Comfortable Waiting Room for Your Patients

Going to the doctors or hospital is usually a stressful and unnerving time. Very rarely will people be there for a joyous occasion (except the birth of a baby) or receiving good results. However, that doesn’t mean hospitals or medical facilities should be uncomfortable; in fact, it should be the complete opposite as you need to offer as much comfort as possible. Doctors, nurses and GPs should, therefore, create a waiting room optimal to the needs of their patients.

Make the ‘Waiting’ Active

You don’t want your patients to be sat there, either bored or worrying about what is to come once their name is called. Instead, give them the opportunity to be proactive. Have Wi-Fi and make sure the password is readily available to them; offering them up-to-date books, magazines and newspapers so they can read to pass the time. Not only can this lessen anxiety due to the distraction, but it also allows them to work while they wait.

Throw Out the Hard Furniture

A hospital waiting room has become stereotyped. When we arrive at a new medical facility, we expect hard and uncomfortable seating where we sit beside a stranger. Instead, these hard seats should be replaced with comfortable, well-padded sofas that are funky in design and color. Your patients are there because they don’t feel well, therefore, you should be pampering them and showing them how much you care.

Decorate and Be Inspirational

You don’t want to come across as condescending or ‘cheesy,’ however, hanging a motivational poster could brighten someone’s day and offer them the words of wisdom they so desperately needed to hear. Posters can be printed by your staff using a simple online quote maker; they could also allow their patients to write their own inspirational quotes and print them off whenever the walls need a change. Hang posters that’ll make your patients smile, or use posters as a chance to offer tips and advice on certain ailments instead.

Swap out the bland and boring furniture for some that offers life. Patterns should be considered, although make sure they’re still tasteful. You don’t want to offend any of your patients. Also consider painting the walls a color other than white, but make sure to keep it neutral. Place fresh flowers in the reception area and have a vase also in the waiting room. Not only will this bring life to the room, but can also relax and uplift people’s moods.

Cater for Kids

Children can be hard to entertain in a waiting area. It’s a boring place for them and they won’t be able to understand why people are there and why it’s normally quiet. Hospitals should, therefore, offer children’s books, coloring books and pencils, and toys. Keep them entertained so it relieves the stress from their parents, and to ensure the toys stay hygienic (especially in a medical facility) make sure they’re wiped down frequently. Hospitals and medical facilities are, obviously, filled with viruses and bacteria; therefore, make sure your waiting room and everything within it stay clean.

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